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AIL operates 6 health clinics throughout the country, runs mobile outreach clinics, and maintains 14 Community Health Worker posts in local villages around Herat. Health education is integrated into healthcare with all patients gaining health knowledge and invited to workshops. Health education includes training on disease, germs, viruses, hygiene, vaccinations, nutrition and reproductive care. Our goal is to provide Afghans with good health and the knowledge to take responsibility for their own health as well as educate their children in good health practices. This will help reduce the high rates of maternal/infant mortality and child malnutrition and increase life expectancy.

Education and hands-on workshops

AIL uses every point of contact with a patient or student, whether in a clinic, mobile clinic, or Learning Center, as an opportunity for education. In addition, we offer multi-day workshops and mini workshops covering reproductive health, bird flu, hygiene, colds and coughs, vaccinations, school health, and more. While delivering health services, AIL is modeling and teaching human rights, democracy, leadership and peace.

Expectant Mother Workshops

This three-hour workshop prepares expectant mothers and birth attendants for birth and after, and covers normal and complicated deliveries, high-risk factors, signs of problems, and breastfeeding. The goals are to reduce maternal and infant injuries and death, and encourage women to give birth at clinics or hospitals, if possible. Following the workshop, a basic delivery kit is given to each pregnant woman and a scarf to each caregiver. The program has been running since 2011 and 99% of pregnant attendees go on to have their babies at a clinic or hospital, a remarkable result in a society where home birth is the accepted practice.

I am a teacher in a high school and I didn't have information about these health issues. AIL teaches us about reproductive health, especially for my village, as I know the women of Afghanistan need to learn about their health issues. I didn't know about pregnancy. I have one child and I didn't know how I should feed her which is very important to learn about. Fortunately, I learned all the issues at the workshop. The teacher says I asked many questions regarding the reproductive health issues and I got all the answers I needed.

AIL is like a key unlocking society's problems. Every time I come to the workshop I try to learn about the health of women and the health of society. Every day it opens the locked problems of the people in the society. Before I came to this workshop I didn't have any information about health issues and I didn't know how to prevent pregnancy. Now I do know how to prevent it. I should say that I have six children and all my children are small. I learned this is from my lack of knowledge and lack of education about nutrition. I will use this knowledge and tell others too

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